Hello Bun in the Oven!

I absolutely LOVE baking and ever since I’ve been pregnant, I find that I enjoy it even more.  I’m not sure if this is a symptom of ‘nesting’, but these days, in addition to sitting in the nursery for hours dreaming of color schemes and ‘do-it-yourself’ mobile designs, I find myself whipping up cupcakes, cheesecakes, macaroons, cookies….and a slew of other yummy treats I wake up craving. Funny enough, even though all of these originate as a craving, I tend to give away most of what comes out of my oven to ensure that my barely existing waistline doesn’t completely go out the window!

This new found inspiration for baking motivated me to start my own blog.  Particularly because one of the things I find most challenging about baking is actually finding a recipe that has everything I’m looking for.  Sometimes I like the basic principle of a recipe, but I want to substitute milk for light cream or chocolate filling for dulce de leche, which leaves me hopelessly searching baking books and the Internet for hours until I find a combination that I like.  Normally that means pulling from 4 or 5 different recipes to create the end product I’m looking for.

This blog is meant to serve as a home for some of my favorite recipes over the years – and the different twists I’ve used to adapt them to my craving of the day.  All of them are yummy and incredibly simple to make.  More importantly, I guarantee they will be a hit wherever you serve them!

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