Caramel Corn Flakes Truffles (family recipe)

My first disclaimer about this recipe is that the name in the headline is completely made up. This fun treat is a family recipe that one of my older sisters concocted when I was very young and still living in Ecuador. It was our favorite and most requested treat at home. In Spanish, these are called “Bolitas de Corn Flakes”, which literally means “Small Corn Flakes Balls”. Since the translation sounds far from appetizing, and  I couldn’t think of a better sounding English-language translation, I went with “Caramel Corn Flakes Truffles”.  No, they don’t resemble truffles (other than perhaps the fact that they’re round), but I thought ‘truffles’ sounded much better than ‘balls’, and the caramel part better explained what was in them, so that was that.

The second disclaimer is that these are not meant to be fancy and in fact, are as basic as they come. I figured the words “Corn Flakes” would give that away, but you never know. These are absolutely wonderful as snacks for kids’ birthdays (kids LOVE them) or as sweets for your afternoon tea guests, but not exactly the most appropriate to serve at a sit down dinner. (though if it’s solely based on flavor and originality, these would be winners anywhere)

The third and final disclaimer is that my sister made these by simply eyeing how much of each ingredient she needed. That means that in order for me to replicate the recipe for you, I had to estimate the amounts she used in precise measurements and replace words like ‘spoon fulls’ with ones like ‘tablespoons’ and ‘pour until you have the right consistency’ with ‘3 cups’. The good news is I’ve tested this version and it turned out just like the original, so it’s officially safe for you to try!


~ 1 14 oz.  can sweetened condensed milk

~ 3 cups corn flakes (or frosted flakes, depending on your sugar tolerance), feel free to add more depending on the consistency or crunchiness you prefer

~ 2 tablespoons butter


~ Cook the condensed milk and 3 tablespoons butter in a small pot on medium-low heat until the condensed milk begins to cook and becomes sticky. The mixture is ready when you are able to draw a line through the middle of the pot with a wooden spoon without having it come together again. Make sure you don’t overcook or it’ll harden as soon as you take it off the heat.

~ Remove from heat and begin to add the corn flakes. Add slowly while stirring with a wooden spoon to determine the right consistency.  You’ll know when you have the right amount of Corn Flakes in your mixture b/c you’ll be able to form the ‘truffles’ without having them falling apart on you. Use less if you prefer a more caramel flavor or more if you’re looking for less sweetness and more crunchiness.

~ Continue to stir until the Corn Flakes and mixture are well blended.

~ While the combined mixture is still warm (not hot – be careful!), moisten your hands with warm water and pick up a scoop. Use both hands to roll until you form a perfect sphere and place it in a cupcake liner. Repeat with the rest of the mixture until you are done.

~ Depending on the size of your ‘truffle’, you should be able to get about 20 rounds.


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