10 Ways To Know You’re Raising a Bicultural Kid

She may not be completely bilingual, but you know you have a bicultural kid in your house when:

  1. Beans are a treat: As in, frijoles. She may not know she’s Latin, but she gets just as excited about beans as she does about cupcakes. beans
  2. Spanglish is the language of choice: She may not form complete sentences in Spanish, but no exchange is ever complete without at least one Spanish word making it into the conversation.

    Yup, she's bilingual

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  3. She has a lot of aunts and uncles: Like more than is humanly possible. This will undoubtedly confuse her as she gets older, but for now, every close family friend is a Tio or Tia. Because, why not. How else do you explain that certain people are like family without actually being related?
  4. “Fatty” is a compliment: Well, more like “gorda”. It’s an endearing term that she associates with “sweetheart” and  embraces 100%.
  5. She likes spicy chips: And she’s two.
  6. Carne is synonymous with pork: When she asks for carne, nine out of 10 times she means pork. Also, she’ll roll her eyes at mac n’ cheese but stuff her face with a crispy pork and watermelon salad. True story.

    crispy pork

    Photograph: Michael Schrom

  7. Plantain chips are a garnish: Crushed over pork or mashed potatoes. Yum.
  8. She responds when you speak in Spanish: Just when you thought you’d lost the “she MUST speak Spanish” battle, you’re rambling something to yourself in Spanish and she’s responding [coherently], in English.
  9. Guacamole is a universal dip: When in doubt, serve guacamole. She’ll eat almost anything on the table if she is able to dip it into mashed avocados. French fries, pasta, veggies or on it’s own. Guacamole is the meal of choice.
  10. She celebrates stereotypes: She thinks that the very ‘Mexican’ opening of Sesame Street in Spanish (complete with a donkey, pinata, monkey and palm trees) is the show’s Christmas special.


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