How to Survive Baking with your Toddler

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My toddler and I have now had our share of baking sessions. She loves it. I love seeing how much she loves it. And we both enjoy spending that time together. But it's not always peachy. Several desserts later, I've experienced the fun and not so fun parts of being in the kitchen with a little person. In an effort to save you from unnecessary mishaps, here is my list of Do's and Don'ts when junior is in the vicinity of an open flame or a hot oven. Practice sanitation: No, your hands Read more [...]

Juno Cookies (Chewy White Chocolate Chip)

I love snow days. They're a forced stay-cation that you're actually able to enjoy, because unlike weekends, you have nothing to do but hunker down. No errands to run. No zoos to visit. No cramming quality time with your kids into a 48 hour countdown that results in panic attacks as you near the t-minus 8 hour mark. It's just hours of pure nothingness - you can do as much or as little as you want. We welcomed our first snow day of 2015 today. A blizzard by the name of Juno. Thanks to Read more [...]

Bella’s Linzer Cookies

Having family visiting this weekend inspired this new little treat. One of my favorite cookies at bakery shops (but not always the tastiest given neglectful baking), I decided to give this one a try. Linzer sablés (or Linzer "eyes") are the cookie-sized version of the Linzertorte, a short, crumbly Austrian torte with a lattice design on top. The dough  is traditionally made with hazelnuts (or almonds) and is covered with a filling of redcurrant, raspberry or apricot jam or preserves. Read more [...]

Chocolate White Chocolate Chip Cookies (for ice cream sandwiches)

If you like brownies, you'll love its first cousin, the chocolate chocolate chip cookie. You feel like you're eating a sliver of chocolate cake, only denser and chewier. And the best part about these cookies? They are ideal for ice cream sandwiches. This wasn't what I intended for these cookies. But I made them for a dinner party at home, and when I placed these on the table, my spastic friend got up, raided our freezer, sat back at the table with a tub of ice cream, and began slathering it Read more [...]

Chewy Chocolate Chunk Salted Caramel Cookies

I'm guessing this was a busy weekend for many of you. From Easter egg hunts to Seder dinners, I bet a good chunk of you (no pun intended) were running around trying to get a nice meal on the table and entertaining guests. I thought about posting this recipe on Friday as an option for your holiday entertaining, but then I figured it would add to your food overload, so I held off. Until today. My plan instead was to share this with you as a post-holiday 'you deserve it' dessert. Think of it Read more [...]