How to Survive Baking with your Toddler

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My toddler and I have now had our share of baking sessions. She loves it. I love seeing how much she loves it. And we both enjoy spending that time together. But it's not always peachy. Several desserts later, I've experienced the fun and not so fun parts of being in the kitchen with a little person. In an effort to save you from unnecessary mishaps, here is my list of Do's and Don'ts when junior is in the vicinity of an open flame or a hot oven. Practice sanitation: No, your hands Read more [...]

Sweet Potato Muffins With Pecans

If you cringe at the thought of zucchini bread or gag at the sound of carrot muffins, Stop. Reading. Now. This recipe is for the very few of us who still celebrate desserts. A dying breed. I've been wanting to make something sweet with yams for years. Every Thanksgiving I think "why are sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows then served as a side and not a dessert?" And every year I say to myself, "I'm making a dessert out of this one day". Then I began pureeing sweet Read more [...]